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Space Solar Panels can Power Earth with Clean Energy

Solar energy has long been a staple of humanity’s clean-energy arsenal. We have strewn thousands of sunlight-harvesting panels throughout Solar fields, and many people use the rectangles to power their homes. However, there is a catch to this fantastic power source. At night, panels are unable to collect energy. They require as much sunshine as possible to function at their best. So, to maximize the efficacy of these sun catchers, scientists are considering sending them to a region where the sun never sets: space.

If a group of Solar panels was launched into space, they could theoretically soak up the sun even on the foggiest days and darkest nights, storing a vast amount of energy. If that electricity could be electronically transmitted to Earth, our planet could breathe in renewable, clean energy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our carbon footprint would be significantly reduced as a result of this. The development of space-based Solar power could be more vital than ever in the face of a mounting climate problem.

The environment’s health is currently in the spotlight as world leaders convene in Glasgow, Scotland, for the COP26 summit, dubbed the “world’s best final chance” to address the situation. CNET Science highlights a few futuristic solutions aimed at assisting governments in reducing human-caused carbon emissions.

Although next-generation technology such as space-based power won’t solve our climate concerns, green innovation could help us meet the Paris Agreement’s objectives. An endless supply of renewable energy from the sun could be able to assist us in this endeavor. Space Solar power has occupied the imaginations of science fiction fans and scientists for decades.

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