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About Us

Founded by a group of like-minded people connected by their strong affinity to Chemistry, The Chemical News is a digital platform for satiating all your quests pertaining to recent developments in the chemical world. A dedicated house of highly skilled field experts, The Chemical News offers extensive information pertaining to modern technology used in the field of chemistry, aligning with massive trends in technological influence across fields, inclusive of Chemistry. This digital platform covering all aspects of the chemical field is serving as an ideal investment guide to a range of industry veterans pertaining to the chemical industry.

The massive role of chemistry in influencing daily lives further increases its potential in the chemical industry and thus is the major influx of new competitors in the chemical industry. Owing to this massive volatility in competition, it is crucial to have an optimum competitive edge in the field which explains her tremendous readership and astonishing subscriptions. Living up to the expectations of industry veterans pushes us each time to strive for excellence. Our mission at The Chemical News is to highlight nothing but the most authentic information and this rightfully distinguishes us from herd news websites which are mushrooming every day.

At The Chemical News, we also maintain broad categories of news reporting, encompassing several domains such as crude oil, petroleum, natural gas, and power and energy. Every category has a designated set of writers who specialize and excel in their fields, thus ensuring flawless reporting and the highest standards of presentation.