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U.S Army Combat selects Parsons Corporation

The US Army and Defense have selected Parson Corporation for the spot. The US Army Combat and the Chemical Biological Defense have finally selected Parsons Corp. for the spot of Programme Support Services and Technical and scientific engineering on contract basis. The US Army will now be backed by Biological defense research, chemical acquisitions, development, testing and support for assessment by this 10-year multi-prize contract by Parsons Corporation.

Jon Moretta, President of Parsons Corp. claimed that they are going to readily support the DEVCOM CBC, as long as it is going to provide revolutionary defense in context of chemical and biological, for national security and protecting worldwide Combat services. The technical support provided by Parsons Corp. are development, testing, research, engineering, chemical acquisitions, evaluation and much more.

The President of the company believes it is a classic win as they are going to showcase their biosurveillance capabilities and other aspects of their company like environmental protection. There isn’t a better way to show their talent, problem solving and decision making capabilities by being a part of an important mission like this. This programme is going to be continued for a decade to enhance the biological and chemical security of the nation and improve the chemical defense sector.

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