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Chemical leak forces hundreds to evacuate

A Chemical leak in California forced hundreds of homes to be evacuated. The major Chemical lead in California caused obstruction of the 215 freeway from both ways, forcing people to evacuate their homes within almost half a mile of radius. The leak happened in the SoCal area. The Riverside County Fire Department said that leak occurred from a railroad tank in the area.

The team of Hazardous material and Environment Health, Riverside County, are working on getting the details of the leak and how it started. The Chemical is identified as Styrene which is used in rubber and plastic goods. This material is supposed to be kept at least 85° Fahrenheit but the leak happened because it went up to 300° and hence the initial smoke spread into the air.

The Fire department explained that a middle school – Pinacate Middle School, is opened up for every evacuee until the leak declines from the air. Officials proclaim that the situation will improve by itself in a couple of days however explosion could’ve occurred if the temperature of the car would’ve raised. The situation is still pretty serious and cautionary measures are being taken for no further damage.

The temperature cooled down a little bit the next day. Officials are hoping for the trend to be continued. However, it is still too dangerous to interfere or mitigate with anything. Meanwhile, drones attached with the infrared devices are tracking the temperature on the regular basis.

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