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US President Biden alerts Russian President Putin to not use chemicals or nuclear bombs on Ukraine

President Joe Biden, in a conference, warned the Russian President Putin to not take use of chemical or nuclear bombs during their war with Ukraine, otherwise consequences would be worse for Russia. In light of the current situation in Ukraine, President Biden has advised Russian President Vladimir Putin not to “alter the face of battle” by employing tactical or chemical weapons.

When asked what he would say to the Russian president if he was considering unleashing the weapons of mass destruction, Biden told CBS that “you will transform the face of war unlike anything since World War II.” Russia will suffer consequences if it does use the weapons. The amount of what they do will determine the U.S. response, the president added, declining to provide further details.

International apprehension over the use of nuclear weapons in battle has increased as a result of the conflict, particularly as Russia seeks to reverse recent Ukrainian successes. Russia acquires Europe’s largest nuclear power plant called Zaporizhzhia. The Secretary-General of the United Nations declared that as conflicts “with overtones” escalate in Russia, Ukraine, and other places, humanity is “one mistake away from nuclear catastrophe.”

Last month, Biden spoke with European officials about nuclear safety concerns and discussed Zaporizhzhia with Zelenskyy. More than halfway through the conflict, Ukraine has stepped up its counteroffensive and forced Russian forces to leave some of the territories they had taken over

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