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Updates on Burlington’s Beach chemical leak

A chemical spill was reported a few days back near a beach in Burlington’s. Here are the latest updates. A report from a few days back detailed the chemical spill near Burlington’s Beach. The chemical was reported to have spilled into Lake Champlian and the officials decided to shut down the entire beach area for cleaning until next notice.

The Department of Public Works claimed that the one gallon of Styrene chemical was mixed up with around 50 gallons of steam condensate. This incident accidentally happened by an on-site constructor. An emergency was taken regarding the same and the beach was shut down immediately after vacating the people. A spokesperson from the Department of Public Works said a localite spotted a white, milky, and frothy trail of liquid flowing down the biking lane and immediately reported it to the Agency of Natural Resources. Strict and immediate action was taken against the incident.

The Department of Public Works claims that cleaning will be done for more days to prevent any further leak and protect the pipes from getting damaged. styrene is a hazardous chemical compound which can be evaporated easily into the atmosphere. Usually, styrene has a sweet smell to it. However, the health officials claim that maybe the chemical spilled is also mixed up with another chemical called carcinogen which is most likely to cause cancerous diseases.

The state and environmental companies are using absorbing pads, vacuums, and booms to prevent the spread and clean up the spill. The director of Burlington’s Public Works confirmed that the test results will be declared by the end of next week. Until then, Burlington’s Beach will remain closed

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