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Chemours plans to increase chemical production: North Carolina

Chemours is making strategies for the expansion of the chemical production in North Carolina even after massive water pollution. Even after causing a large amount of water pollution in North Carolina through harmful chemicals, Chemours is all set to expand the production of these chemicals. But many environmentalists and communities are furious regarding this decision and are about to start a protest against the Chemical producing company, Chemours.

It was declared by the communities that Chemoursr and its parent company named DuPont is releasing various chemicals, usually known as “forever chemicals” into the drinking water supply of North Carolina called the Clean Cape Fear River water supply. These forever chemicals are responsible for developing diseases like cancer and in some cases poor health leading to death.

The lead protester named Emily Donovan has claimed that she had already received more than thousands of RSVPs from people of other communities and environmentalists who would join her in the protest against Chemours. is asked to withhold the information that was presented in the settlement agreement made in 2019 about addressing the issue of contamination of drinking water, an area that now spreads to about 3000 miles per square.

But the company says that the future agreements will help them meet with the community members, make plans with them, collect more information with their help and then see how this expanded project benefits the locality and community in the near future. Although the company had claimed that the increased production of chemicals will not increase the levels of chemical emission in the environment.

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