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Officials in California have declared the Cleaning of the Oil Leak to be Complete

Government have declared the Cleaning of the shoreline finished after an underground pipeline spilled thousands of gallons of crude oil into the waters off the coast of Southern California three months ago.Authorities reported in a news statement on Tuesday that “affected shoreline parts have been restored to their original state following relentless Cleaning actions for the Southern California oil disaster.”

Authorities were originally warned of the potential of an oil leak off the coast of Orange County on Friday, Oct. 1. Residents saw sheen on Saturday, and by the next morning, a diesel-like odor had landed on the community as an oil slick reached Huntington Beach. Crashing waves carried dead birds and fish onto the shore, where they mixed with black crude.

“This oil leak represents one of the most terrible crises our town has experienced in decades,” Huntington Beach Mayor Kim Carr stated at the time.The leak spurred a statewide debate over the state’s dependency on fossil fuels, as well as revived calls for the government to take more action against the state’s aging oil platforms.”The first thing we saw is that this old infrastructure is decaying and poorly maintained,” Foley added. “The second most significant lesson is that community support for decommissioning these rigs is growing, as long as we can transition from ‘dirty energy’ employment to ‘Cleaning energy jobs while maintaining caring for people.”

The spill’s consequences were felt across the coastal community, according to Foley, with local fisheries and surf schools losing revenue, as well as canceled events and damaged homes, including the Pacific Airshow, which was scheduled for that weekend.

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