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New Solar Rental Program by Canyon State Electric

Through its new Solar Rental program, Canyon State Electric (CSE), the Valley’s leading electrical contractor, provides a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy alternative. These solar-powered generators installed on trailers will provide a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solution for construction sites, vendor trailers, vaccination sites, activities, and other applications.

Stephanie Hughes, CEO of Canyon State Electric, said, “Introducing a new service that’s energy-efficient, cost-effective and supports sustainability within the electrical space, and one that further supports our value of innovation, is something we’re extremely proud of. We’re eager to continue to integrate these trailers into our own construction sites, as well as provide this service to more organizations throughout the Valley.”

The most recent addition to CSE’s family of businesses and service lines. With more than 40 years of experience in the electrical contracting industry, CSE understands the need for mobile electricity. Instead of investing in diesel-powered generators, the organization chose to invest in a more environmentally sustainable and reliable solution that provides renewable energy.

Solar-powered generators are often used to provide temporary power and lighting at construction sites and festivals, vendor trailers at sporting events, concerts, and drive-through healthcare facilities for testing and vaccine delivery. With the unmatched efficiency of solar energy, the generators often act as an emergency power source, ensuring that programs and activities are completed on time.

CSE specializes in commercial electrical contracting services, including CSE Technologies, CSE Services, Super Electric, and now CSE Solar Rental, and has worked on several prominent ventures. CSE has some job vacancies in the Phoenix area right now.

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