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Natural Gas Producers Retaliate Against Hypocritical Opponents

Natural Gas, the energy source that was originally heralded as the bridging fuel of the future, is now under opposition from some groups. One Sierra Club representative was unequivocal in calling additional Natural Gas investments a “mistake,” stating that what was actually required was an investment in renewables and associated technologies. As the negative pressure grows, the Natural Gas sector is taking a stand.

Senator Elizabeth Warren wrote to almost a dozen oil and gas firms earlier this month, accusing them of profiteering and corporate greed by exporting record volumes of Natural Gas rather than keeping it in the US to keep prices down.

“The cause of rapidly rising energy prices for consumers and manufacturers is clear,” said Sen. Warren, citing Wall Street Journal reports about record export rates.Andrew Cuomo, the now-former governor of New York, was a prominent opponent of new gas infrastructure and spent a lot of time and effort trying to kill a new gas pipeline project, with the ultimate blow coming just last year.

During a gas crisis two years ago, Cuomo threatened to evoke New York’s grid operator’s license if it didn’t deliver enough power for everyone, despite the firm citing a scarcity of pipeline capacity needed to supply the gas used to generate energy.Some customers appear to feel the same way about Natural Gas as they do about oil: “We hate you, but we need you.” Gas producers, like oil producers, are attempting to improve their image.

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