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Energy from Offshore Wind Farms to be used by PowerX

Fossil fuel tankers transporting oil, gas, and coal across the seas play a vital role in the global Energy mix, but one Japanese business envisions a future in which similar vessels convey a considerably cleaner load. PowerX’s Power ARK vessels are meant to transport renewable Energy from far-off-shore wind turbines back to dry land, allowing them to take advantage of greater gusts and expanding their installation options.

PowerX’s overarching objective is to speed up the adoption of off-shore wind Energy by making it possible to transport it between any two points on the planet. Off-shore wind farms are becoming more popular as a source of renewable Energy, but they have restrictions in terms of where they can be built because the turbines must be anchored to the seabed. The world’s most powerful offshore wind turbine, the GE Haliade-X, for example, can only operate at depths of up to 60 metres (200 ft).

This issue has resulted in the development of a new breed of floating turbines, such as those found at the Hywind farm off the coast of Scotland. PowerX, on the other hand, is working on an alternate solution, notably in Japan, which is bordered by deep coastal waters and hence has limited chances for off-shore wind farms close to the land. Rather than depending on underwater cables to transport power from farms further afield to shore, which the business claims are costly to build and have substantial environmental consequences, it is building watercraft to carry the load.

The Power ARK 100 is the first cab off the rank, a 100-meter-long (330-foot) trimaran that will be powered by electricity and have a range of 300 kilometres (186 miles), with biodiesel as a backup and the ability to travel further distances, maybe around the world.

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