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Canadian Firm to Build Gas Plant in North Dakota

A Canadian energy company announced on Thursday of its plans to establish a facility in North Dakota. The facility will be one of a kind of the region to convert natural gas into liquid fuels. The technologically unique approach also aiming to restrict the harmful burning of gas, which is a byproduct during oil production.

The factory that is planned to be built in Trenton located in the western North Dakota is worth $2.8 billion. The project is solely dedicated on using natural gas to produce fuels such as military grade jet fuel or low sulfur-diesel. Gov. Doug Burgum, and Calgary-based Cerilon Inc. expressed the ambitious goals oft the U.S.-Canadian relations that will be developed through the project.

North Dakota Commerce Commissioner James Leiman commented that the state has agreed upon granting a loan of $3 million for the project Thursday. The project claims to produce nearly 1 million gallons that is 4.5 million liters of liquid fuels per day, officials said.

North Dakota is the third largest oil producer following Texas and New Mexico. In the month of August, the state produced on an average 2.7 billion cubic feet of natural gas daily. While 92% of it was captured, regulators say that the remaining was lost due to flaring.According to Leiman the forthcoming plant is capable of successfully reducing that. Almost 1 % of the natural gas produced is glared from oil fields nationwide whereas the worldwide average is less than 3%, stated the U.S. Energy Department.

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