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B.C. a Gas hungry Province begins Barging in Gasoline from the United States

British Columbia has begun receiving Gasoline supplies by ship from the United States to help ease shortages created by some of the worst floods in recorded history, and the government has warned residents to prepare to bunker down as further storms threaten the disaster-ravaged province.Two US-flagged Gasoline tankers called Florida and Vision arrived in Vancouver from Washington State, as per ship monitoring data. They were both headed out into the wide ocean from Puget Sound when they took a dramatic left toward Vancouver.

Because of the higher expenses compared to international tankers, U.S. registered tankers normally do not make supplies to non-U.S. ports, and neither ship had sailed into foreign ports in the previous year, according to the statistics.Gasoline sales in the Vancouver region have been rationed, while key exports like timber and grain are backed up and unable to reach the Port of Vancouver.

Fresh rains battered the coastal region once more on Thursday, the first of three big storms forecast to hit the region with increasing fury until Tuesday, hindering recovery efforts.Travel restrictions remain in effect as a result of the state of emergency declared earlier this month. For days, the province was shut off from the rest of Canada by land, with highways closed and trains crippled. Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. announced on Wednesday that its trains had just lately began to operate again, although slowly.

Only 20 westbound trains have moved, with “only a handful” of those being bulk grain trains, according to Sobkowich. According to him, the nation’s grain elevator system is around 75% filled, and all of that grain is ready to go.

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