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Amazon warns Texas to Not Pass the Power Bill

February’s fallout from Texas statewide Power outages continues to keep spreading. The Texas House of Representatives is scheduled to debate a bill that would require power producers to bear the costs of services, which helps the electrical grid stable. According to the letter written by the Partnership for Energy Finance (PREF), “if the bill is passed then it would unfairly shift the cost of ancillary electric services exclusively onto renewable generators rather than all the beneficiaries.”

Amazon and other big tech firms invested in renewable power, looking to spruce up the images while cutting down on  bills. The cost of solar and wind Power has dropped precipitously in recent years. Investments have been made in wind farms and solar plants attractive to-hungry data center operators like Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

The letter states, “It is important to note that these changes neither enhance electric reliability nor lower consumer costs. They appear to be premised on the assumption that renewable energy was disproportionately responsible for the state’s February Power outages, a thesis that has been unequivocally discredited.”

The grid operator Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) will require to assign ancillary service costs to wind and solar Power after the bill is passed. The PREF letter counters that not only generators utilize these services but costs for those services are also flat over the last decade. However, wind and solar have grown by more than 250% in the past decade. Ancillary services are the levers that operators can pull to keep the electricity flowing.

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