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Affordable Solar Shingles Race is Never Ending

When Tesla debuted the Tesla Solar Roof in 2016, it was the first firm to make Solar Shingles a reality. Combining asphalt shingles with energy-generating technology was a novel concept, one that other companies have attempted to replicate in order to revolutionise the roofs of American homes. Because of the high cost of manufacturing and installing Solar Shingles, consumers have been unwilling to adopt them.

They are also not as efficient as traditional solar panels. GAF Energy is the newest business to enter the Solar Shingles competition in an attempt to solve those problems. GAF Energy, one of the world’s top roofing firms, has announced the launch of its Timberline Solar Solar Shingles. The company claims that its option will be less expensive than Tesla’s.

With a Best of Innovation Award for Smart Cities at CES 2022, the annual major tech show that runs this week in Las Vegas and virtually, the startup is already gaining traction. The shingles are larger than Tesla’s Solar Shingles, measuring 17 inches tall and 64 inches long. According to the business, the larger tiles mean fewer parts to fabricate and fewer wire connections, lowering expenses. For the, GAF Energy did not provide pricing information.

GAF Energy, according to roofing experts, is in a strong position to disrupt the solar shingle market. According to David Winter, co-CEO of Standard Industries, around one out of every three asphalt shingle roofs in the United States is a GAF roof. “So we’re the ones sitting around the kitchen table with the homeowner when they need to replace their roof, where we can promote the idea of solar,” Winter told CNBC. “When you’re going to replace your roof, the natural time to put solar on it is when you’re about to replace your roof.”

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