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Zero-Carbon Power Revolution Plan by Biden

President Biden’s push for a green Power revolution could expand energy production’s economic benefits to a significantly broader community. If the blockage of fossil-fuel-production states that have prevented congressional action on climate change for years. Biden’s massive $2 trillion infrastructure package includes a provision that would require every state to generate all of its electricity by the year 2035 from fuels which do not produce any carbon emissions.

A transition between these would trigger a massive spending boom in wind and solar Power. It would disperse opportunities for energy-related jobs across many more states than benefit today. Few states relatively now dominate the production of the oil, coal, and natural gas that currently provides most of the nation’s power.

According to the recent study by the Decarb America Research Initiative, many more states are positioned to generate significant solar power amounts. It is modeled that the nation’s energy usage through 2050 under a plan like the President’s. On or Off-shore wind and other sources of carbon-free Power.

Lindsey Walter, the deputy director of climate policy at Third Way, said, “There is a different story here than people are imagining. In today’s world, the states that have oil, gas and coal resources are the ones that have the most opportunity to play a role in energy production. But by 2050 every single state is playing a role in producing energy using the natural resources available in that state. That’s why you are seeing the opportunity for more states to benefit in this net zero carbon economy.”

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