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WVa’s Largest Nonprofit Solar Installation Flipped

According to Jacob Hannah, it only fits that a Nonprofit that trains former coal miners to convert to renewable energy jobs has a solar-powered facility. On Wednesday, Hannah, Coalfield Development’s conservation coordinator, joined with workers, city officials, and others at West Edge, the old Corbin plant, for a “Flip the Switch” celebration of the solar array put on the saw-tooth roof. The largest solar panel installation for a Nonprofit organization in West Virginia is at Coalfield Development’s West Edge plant in Huntington’s Westmoreland neighborhood.

Hannah said, “We believed that if any place deserved a pivotal investment in the next wave of energy, it would be the region and people that have historically powered the world, and now today we are doing just that. The end results speak for themselves.” According to Hannah, West Edge focuses on workforce regeneration, social enterprise incubation, and various other options. At West Edge, there are multiple businesses, and one of them, Solar Holler, installed the solar panels. Conant expressed his pride in the installation team’s job.

The celebration was attended by dozens of Solar Holler and Coalfield Development personnel. Solar projects atop saw-tooth roofs are uncommon since they necessitate specialized engineering and mounting equipment. The project incorporated job training components to promote the continuous development of the solar workforce in central Appalachia. Coalfield Development includes a Level 100 certificated course for a cohort of 15 local trainees to learn the principles of diverse renewable energy technologies alongside the West Edge installation.

Solar expansion is opening up new chances for our electricians and demonstrating to young people in the Huntington area that there is fantastic employment available right here at home. According to Hannah, the project will cost $184,000 in total. It will create 122.2 kilowatts of power and produce 150,500-kilowatt hours per year.

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