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War with Netflix over Fossil Fuels Movie

Renewables and Fossil Fuels‘ evils, are the heroes of the online learning environment among school-aged children’s parents who hear a lot about it. Hollywood is disseminating anti-oil material aimed at young children. However, in this particular case, Netflix is drawing the ire of the oil lobby, gearing up for war.

Educators with limited energy knowledge are very quick at pointing out myriad problems with Fossil Fuels. However, they do not point out renewable resource issues so quickly, which is the actual problem. Now, with Hollywood picking up the mantle, they are even less subtle.

The Netflix movie, The Big Foot Family has the oil industry up in arms. Candian Energy Centre is a Canadian lobbyist group that has accused the film of being a brainwasher for youngsters and peddling lies. The movie’s main character is green-crusader Big Foot, who travels to the Alaskan wilderness to protect against the oil company called X-TRACT Oil.

The company is touting its clean method of extracting oil which does not leave an environmental footprint. Obviously, the company is lying, and instead of drilling for an unsustainable resource, it plans to detonate a bomb to spill oil over the pristine Alaskan wilderness. At the same time, Canada might be offended by the insinuation that oil is inherently evil. Even though the X-TRACT oil depicted in the movie looks similar to BP, BP remained silent.

BP likely views this Netflix challenger as beneath it or as an unworthy adversary. BP will not quickly dismiss it. After all, Whitney Houston says that these children are the future. With the given politicization of Fossil Fuels, the kid will be for or against fossils.

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