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US admit that Finding non-Russian Gas for Europe is Difficult

According to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, the White House is facing logistical hurdles in its efforts to arrange alternative natural gas supplies for Europe in the event that Russian supplies are disrupted as a result of  invasion of Ukraine.

In the event that Russian exports are disrupted, the US administration is in contact with energy corporations and key gas-producing countries across the world about the possibility of a big supply of natural gas to Europe. Norway and Qatar, both big gas producers and exporters, are among the nations with which the US has been in negotiations about increasing supplies to European consumers, according to US sources familiar with the conversations.

According to European allies of the US, Russian, which supplies over one-third of Europe’s natural gas, might weaponries gas delivery if the West puts sanctions on Moscow over a prospective invasion of Ukraine. Furthermore, researchers believe that in the case of military action and subsequent energy sanctions on, Europe will be the first and most damaged, especially in its gas supplies from the Russian gas monopoly Gazprom.On Tuesday, US Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the US was seeking to locate new non-Russian natural gas supplies from North Africa and the Middle East, Asia, and the US.”

We’re in talks with key natural gas producers across the world to learn more about their capability and readiness to temporarily increase natural gas output and transfer these volumes to European purchasers,” Psaki said.”We’re also engaged with big LNG consumers and suppliers to ensure flexibility in current contracts, storage is handled, and diversion to Europe is possible,” she said, adding that no gas producers had made any statements as of Tuesday.

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