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U.S. Oil Drilling Rigs Increase amidst Soaring Crude Oil Prices 

The number of oil and gas Drilling Rigs increased in America as crude oil prices rose this week. The total count is now 461. The U.S drillers have boasted 100 new drillers this year due to the spurring costs.

To date this year, 110 new Drilling Rigs have been added. The oil and gas rig count came down by 1. The active oil and gas in the U.S are 182 that is more than this time the previous year.  The total count of oil Drilling Rigs is 365. Some were added by this week.

However, the number of gas rigs decreased by 1 for a third straight week. The active count of gas Drilling Rigs is 96.According to EIA estimates, oil production in the U.S for this week is 11.0 million barrels per day. The production last year was 13.1 million bpd before the covid19 pandemic. With the pandemic striking hard, oil production was disrupted.

The oil Drilling Rigs count of Canada this week has been increased by 16. The total count of the oil and gas is 93. In the Permian basin, the rig count increased by four (4) this week. The active count of the Permian Basin is 99. The count was more than 100 in the last year. The Frac Spread Count released by the Primary Vision states that the fracking crews count was as less as 224 in the last week.

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