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Texas Deploys Requirement of Power Plants to Weatherize

The Texas Legislature has approved bills indicating various necessary requirements and measures in order to overhaul the energy grid, mainly asking the power plants to Weatherize.Senate Bill 2 and Senate Bill 3 have undergone modifications and negotiations, after which they were approved by the Senate and the Texas House with the objective of changing the state’s power grid.

This event was initiated on Sunday, May 30, after the occurrence of a massively destructive and disastrous winter storm in the month of February, rendering over 4.8 million households and businesses without electricity for days, with a record stating more than 100 fatalities.

The legislative session witnessed some modifications contributed by the Texas House and Senate to the bills. Owing to the deadly winter storm that occurred in February, the state lawmakers contributed some crucial changes to the state’s power grid, particularly addressing the specific issues arising due to the storm.This includes the power plants to be fully upgraded for extreme weather conditions. The Senate Bill 3 was comprised of the requirement for power generators and transmission lines in order to weatherize, expressing a huge amount of support.

Critical discussions regarding funding were led with the House proposing a $ 2 billion plan helping power companies install upgrades.However, the implementation was stalled in the Senate with no inclusion of fund creation in Senate Bill 3. Further negotiations led to the determination of the requirement of natural gas fuel critical to withstand weather emergencies. Some power plants had witnessed difficulty in operating during the storm due to natural gas shortages.

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