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Tesla Powerwall Can Withstand 48-hour Outage with Solar Power, says owner

A Tesla Powerwall owner showed what it looks like when the battery system and solar power are used to overcome a 48-hour power outage. The market for home battery packs is at an all-time high right now. Recent weather events, especially in Texas, have revealed that the grid is weaker than many people thought, and many homeowners now want to be more self-sufficient. The Powerwall, by far the most common home battery pack, has been experiencing a surge in demand from Tesla.

Now, we’ve discovered an excellent example of how the Tesla Powerwall performs during a prolonged power outage. Dan King, co-owner of Harmon Electric & Solar, a solar company that instals Powerwalls, shared a video of his Powerwall with solar going through a 48-hour power outage simulation. The test was conducted in March of last year, which is not one of Arizona’s most energy-intensive months, but the device still performed admirably.

If the usage was limited to solar power hours, the solar would have been easily shielded, but with Powerwalls, the solar power is absorbed the next day. King noted that he did switch off his outdoor lighting and sprinklers, which helped the Powerwall maintain a 15 percent charge by the morning, but it did demonstrate that their Powerwall plus solar system could be sustainable with minimal power management.

That is, if you don’t need air conditioning in the summer. Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently announced that all new Tesla solar panels and solar roof systems will have Tesla Powerwalls in the future. Tesla recently unveiled a new Tesla Powerwall+ with increased power capacity.

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