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Supply Chain Issues affecting Solar Panel Business says Tesla

Tesla employees have been informed that supply chain concerns are now hurting the company’s access to solar panels, causing project delays. Much has been said about supply chain concerns harming automobile business over the last year, but these issues also affect the company’s less well-known solar sector. Tesla sent an email to solar employees the previous week informing them that some installations would be delayed, according to Electrek. The email read: “We confirmed with the supply chain team that some supply constraints would impact our ability to schedule installations for PV retrofits.”

Tesla anticipates a 3-4 MW impact on installations this quarter, with some installations possibly needing to be rescheduled by the end of next month. has been praised for skillfully surviving the car industry’s colossal supply chain challenges since it managed to increase this year even though most large manufacturers are in decline or stalled. Moreover, it appears that the impact will be tolerable due to its solar industry. When currently adds solar at a pace of 80-90 MW per quarter, the loss of 3-4 MW isn’t significant.

Tesla introduced a new larger solar panel with a 420-watt capacity earlier this year, as we reported. In addition, the company has made several substantial adjustments to its solar business, including ceasing to offer solar subscriptions. To speed up deployment,is now offering its whole  Energy ecosystem” of solar and energy goods to third-party installers. In addition, the company has been attempting to raise demand for its installations by updating its referral scheme.

As a result, solar installations have risen dramatically in the last year, with the solar roof tile ramp-up playing a more prominent role in recent months. Tesla also unveiled new solar tiles with a substantially higher power capacity earlier this month.

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