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San Diego Gas & Electric Customers to Receive Reduced Natural Gas Bills

Out of the San Diego Gas & Electric customers who use natural gas, roughly 873,000 will get a break on their bills next month. From the April billing cycle of the residential and small business gas customers, the state’s annual Climate Credit will cut down $17.87. The Climate Credit program goes to the utility customers across California and is funded by money raised by the state’s cap and trade program.

The program requires all the power plants, natural gas providers, and other large industries that emit greenhouse gases to buy carbon pollution permits. Natural gas customers will get the credit for one month out of the year. However, a larger credit is assigned to electricity customers in two separate months during the year.

The year’s electricity Climate Credit in San Diego Gas & Electric service territory comes to $69.20. About 1.4 million small business and residential customers will see their bills offset by $34.60 in August, and another $34.60 will be deducted in September.

The electricity Climate Credit in San Diego Gas & Electric service gave its customers credit each April and October in the past. However, last year, the San Diego & Electric officials petitioned the California Public Utilities Commission successfully. They wanted to change the timing of the credit to August and September statements. Doing this would be practical as the bills are generally the highest during the summer month when air conditioner usage is peak.

The customers need not apply to receive this credit as they are automatically deducted from their electric bills. In the community choice aggregation, energy program customers will also receive the credit.

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