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Piedmont Natural Gas Helps North Carolina Customers

The residential and small business customers of Piedmont Natural Gas may soon receive a new opportunity. A unique carbon footprint is reducing, green energy program to offset their natural gas usage. Today, Piedmont announced that it had filed a request with the North Carolina Utilities Commission to implement this green program.

Under this program, the customers will choose “green” blocks for $3 each per month. This amount will be added to their monthly bill. The blocks comprise the favorable environmental qualities of renewable natural gas (RNG). The number of blocks purchasable will be unlimited, although four blocks should offset the average household’s carbon footprint.

RNG is methane captured by breaking down the organic waste and processing it to remove contaminants. This helps meet the natural gas pipeline quality standards. The carbon offsets include land conservation, forestry, or other nature-based offsets beneficial to the environment.

Sasha Weintraub, senior vice president of the natural gas business at Piedmont Natural Gas, said, “Our residential customers have voiced an interest in ways to manage their carbon footprint.” She added, “Our larger customers have more tools to meet many of their sustainability goals, and we would like to offer our residential and small business customers the same opportunity.”

Specific customer feedback was the basis of designing the green program. She also said that the flexible and affordable option puts the customers in control of reducing their personal natural gas footprint. It also facilitates the customers to participate in the carbon-reduction commitment as the business moves towards net-zero methane emissions by 2030.

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