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Panther Creek III Wind Farm to be Repowered

To repower its Panther Creek III wind farm in West Texas, RWE Renewables has teamed up with GE Renewable Energy (NYSE: GE). Panther Creek III‘s repowering entails the removal of a large portion of the wind turbine’s parts, including the installation of longer blades and the upgrade of existing gearboxes. Both 133 wind turbine generators (WTGs) on the site, with a total installed capacity of 215 megawatts, will see their annual output rise as a result of the refurbishment (MW).

The project’s erection and commissioning are scheduled to be completed in the third quarter of 2021. As part of GE Renewable Energy’s blade recycling deal with Veolia North America, the blades that are removed during the repowering will be processed and recycled. Veolia will use a cement kiln co-processing technology to process the blades for use as a raw material for cement. By weight, nearly 90% of the blade content can be repurposed as an engineered material for cement processing.

Ben Stafford, GE Renewable Energy’s Service Sales and Commercial Operations Leader for Onshore Americas, said, “GE Renewable Energy is proud to work with RWE on the Panther Creek III repower project. Through repowering, we have the opportunity to extend the life of these turbines, while also improving the performance and reliability of the wind farm—and by sustainably recycling wind turbine blades, we are working to create a circular economy for composite materials.”

RWE has commissioned the third repowering project with GE Renewable Energy. Panther Creek, I (142.5 MW) and Panther Creek II (115.5 MW) were repowered in the third quarter of 2019 with a total of 172 WTGs.

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