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Oklo is Planning to Develop Nuclear Reactors Free of Nuclear Waste

Oklo is redefining the face of conventional nuclear energy. Oklo is a start-up with a team of 22-people based in Silicon Valley. It is planning to build tiny nuclear reactors that will be powered by the waste generated by conventional nuclear reactors. The mini-nuclear reactors can be established in pleasing A-frame structures.

The project manager of the nuclear power think tank Alex Gilbert told the media that this idea of the mini nuclear reactors is innovation and a first of its kind technology for nuclear energy. He said, historically, the nuclear energy projects have been huge and are being mired in delays and cost overruns. The delays and cost overruns are clearly seen in Vogtle nuclear power plant that is based in Georgia.

However, Oklo plans of mini nuclear reactors aim at turning the conventional paradigm by minimizing costs and integrating new technologies, Gilbert said.The founders of are Caroline Cochran and Jacob DeWitte. They both are husband and wife and had first met at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They both were teaching assistants there for the Reactor Technology Course.

The TerraPower is also based on the same idea as that of Oklo. But, says, it is going to build nuclear reactors that would be far smaller than the Terra Power ones. Oklo is going to own and operate the mini reactors. According to Oklo, its customers will include utility companies, big companies, colleges, universities, and more.

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