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Oil Wells were Attacked by Militants in Iraq

The oil ministry said that Iraq has put out a fire at the second of two Oil Wells that were set ablaze by explosives on Wednesday. Militants using bombs attacked the two Oil Wells in an oil field close to the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, killing at least one policeman and setting off fires. The attackers blew up wells 177 and 183 at the Bay Hassan field.

The Oil Ministry said earlier in May that the fire in one of the two wells had been put out. Militants using explosives attacked two Oil Wells northwest of Kirkuk in northern Iraq on Saturday but no significant damage resulted and production was not affected. The ministry said that the attack at the Bay Hassan oilfield did not cause a fire or damage, affect production or stop oil pumping from the well.

The attack resulted in the killing and wounding of some security forces, the statement added, without giving further details.Teams and firefighting vehicles of the Iraqi North Oil Company managed to extinguish the blaze at one well and were still working to extinguish the other.

Meanwhile, Issam al-Bayati from the provincial police told Xinhua that IS militants attacked the oil field at dawn and clashed with the security forces guarding the oil field, killing two of them and wounding three others.

Iraq’s oil installations and pipelines have been frequently attacked by extremist IS militants despite the improvement of the security situation in the country since the government declared the full defeat of the terror group in 2017. IS remnants have since melted into deserts and rugged areas, carrying out frequent guerilla attacks against security forces and civilians.

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