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NJ Natural Gas Utility Unveils Clean Energy Plan

Among New Jersey’s largest Natural Gas Utility, one of them committed to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from its operations by 2040. It is the latest fossil fuel company to wrap itself in a green cloak in response to the pressure of combatting climate change. South Jersey Industries Inc. owns the South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas utilities. It is the company that announced a comprehensive clean Energy Plan.

The plan includes greater spending to eliminate the carbon emissions from the operations. It also promotes energy efficiency among its customers. The plan also includes a commitment to spending a quarter of its future capital budget on Sustainability projects.

Mike Renna, chief executive and president of Folsom, NJ company, said, “We are committed to investing in new technologies that will safely, reliably and affordably deliver low-carbon energy to the more than 700,000 families and businesses that we serve across our state.” Parts of Burlington, Cape May, Cumberland, Camden, and so on are served by the company.

The utility plans to install solar panels on all facilities replacing aging transmission pipes to reduce fugitive emissions. A complete conversion of the service vehicles will compress Natural Gas, which emits less greenhouse gas than vehicles fuelled by diesel or gasoline. SJI also announced that the investments will reduce the carbon footprint of the gas that it delivers by investing in renewable  technology.

Jeff Tittel, director of the New Jersey Sierra Club, said, “If South Jersey Industries is really serious about being carbon neutral, they would be getting out of the gas business. That’s not gonna happen.”

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