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Nikola Teams Up with TC Energy Over Hydrogen Hub

Hydrogen fuel has gained momentum owing to its potential use as an alternative to natural gas. Now TC Energy, and Nikola have come together to support the same vision. The Canadian and American partnership will mark the efforts towards development and operation of hydrogen infrastructure. The collaboration will look forward to support the heavy-duty trucks powered by hydrogen fuel.

The partnership announced on October 7 between the Canada-based TC Energy, and Arizona-based Nikola has set forth ambitious goals. TC Energy has a robust natural gas and power generating infrastructure in both the United States and Canada. Whereas Nikola is known as the global leader with expertise in zero-emissions transportation facilitating energy infrastructure solutions. Combining their efforts, the two fuel and power entities will build large-scale hydrogen production facilities in chief locations. The ultimate goal of development of such facilities would be to encourage adoption of fuel cell electric vehicles or FCEVs within the heavy-duty transport sector.

The end goal of the partnership is to set up hubs with production capacities of 150mt/day of hydrogen. This will be a provision made with the highly travelled truck corridors in mind. It will cater to the needs of Nikola for hydrogen required to fuel the company’s Class 8 FCEVs in the next five years.

TC Energy has a solid pipeline along with storage capacity and power assets that the partnership will leverage to reduce costs. This will ultimately result in faster implementation of the planned hydrogen hubs.

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