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Nike Uses Cleaner Chemicals

Nike has revealed more about its plans to replace 10 priority chemistries with ‘cleaner’ alternatives by 2025.The company recently outlined the ambition in its FY20 Impact Report, entitled Breaking Barriersbut. But it did not reveal future details.

Nike has now confirmed that the 10 chemistries are PFASs, dimethylformamide, dicumyl peroxide, zinc pyrithione, bisphenols; formamide; formaldehyde; NPEOs; neoprene; and volatile organic compounds. The techniques and dyes can be traced back to at least 300BC in written records, which speak about Alexander the Great encountering beautiful dyes.The Sportswear giant released the plant dye-inspired collection and has produced over a dozen looks since first emerging in December 2020. While a firm release date hasn’t been disclosed, iconic silhouettes like the Nike Air Force 1 Low continue to indulge in botanical themes, the latest highlighting catechu.

Constructed from a lightweight, either canvas or hemp material, the forthcoming pair primarily indulges in a colour scheme. As with Air Max 90 and Blazer, Mid propositions surfaced from the impending capsule, profile swooshes, branding on the tongue and upper heel panels transmitting starkly coloured contrast. The Indian acacia tree is responsible for catechu extract which is depicted on the lateral heel. The cork enters the mix at the lace dubraes and outsole, furthering the nature-inspired theme.

Champion activewear company has launched two new collections focused on sustainability. The brand started the new collections fall under its initiative focusing on using responsibly made fabrics while reducing energy and water consumption during the manufacturing process.

The Natural State Reverse Weave collection features t-shirts, hoodies, crew-neck sweatshirts, joggers, and shorts containing recycled polyester fibres. It uses unprocessed and unbleached fabrics, along with all-natural dyes derived from flowers, roots, and plants.

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