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New Water Heaters Hit the Market

The world of water Heaters is undergoing significant changes. Heat pump water that run on 120 volts are expected to join the market soon (probably by early next year), allowing homeowners with gas water Heaters to quickly replace them with heat pump water Heaters without changing their panels. Because they won’t have to rewire their homes to make a move, many more households will benefit from efficient water heating.

News of a new form of the water heater could have been laughable in prior, pre-climate disaster times. Until recently, no one gave a second thought to the large tube-like machines with pipes and wires protruding from them that sit in our closets, basements, or garages and supply all the steaming showers we could ever want. However, how we heat water has a significant impact on our efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Water Heaters are the second-largest energy consumer in the average American home, and a greener version of this drab technology might help save the day and the globe. We can also have our cake and eat it with the appropriate water heater: we can have all the hot water we need while saving money and not polluting the environment. Heat pump water are an exceptionally uncommon example of a technological silver bullet. They improve the way we heat water, lowering — and possibly eliminating — CO2 emissions from the process.

The simplest way to improve water heating efficiency is to replace all inefficient electric resistance water Heaters with heat pump water. Because they both use 240 volts of electricity, the transition is relatively simple. The construction of a 120-volt version of the heat pump water heater is the most recent advancement in heat pump water heating. Heat pump water have hitherto only been offered with a 240-volt electrical connection.

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