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Natural Gas Turbines Plan Scrapped for Gowanus

A controversial plan to build Natural Gas turbines at a power facility in Gowanus, Brooklyn, has been cancelled by an energy business. The proposal has been criticised as a step backwards in the state’s efforts to phase out fossil fuels and transition to alternative energy sources. Eastern Generation announced that it was withdrawing its application to replace combustion turbines with Natural Gas units at the Gowanus site, which is regarded one of the city’s dirtiest power facilities.

“While continuing to offer a secure and dependable electric system, Eastern Generation is well positioned to contribute in the transition to a carbon-free future.” We are ready to assist in achieving zero-carbon targets. As we look at our existing locations and beyond to help rethink a safe, reliable power supply, our activities today are part of a wider endeavour.

The corporation plans to retire two oil-powered boats from the canal and replace them with three clean-energy storage units: one in Gowanus, another in Brooklyn’s Narrows, and a third in Astoria, Queens. Outgoing city comptroller Scott Stringer, who had questioned the Gowanus plant’s original plans, said he was pleased with the decision. New York City is moving towards a more sustainable future, thanks to the defeat of fossil-fuel power plant expansions in Gowanus and Astoria.

The fact that a depot for the most polluting crude fuels is about to become a centre for renewable energy and battery storage is a powerful emblem of the clean energy transition we need to meet our climate objectives. Eastern Generation has completed the documentation required to open the Astoria storage facility.

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