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Midwest Petroleum Expansion May Offer Various Benefits

Midwest Petroleum has requested permission from the city to expand the existing Phillips 66 facility at Schipkowski Road. It is just along Route 143, which is east of the Interstate 55-143 interchange. Presently, the Phillips 66 station has a 1200-square-feel convenience store for four fuel pumps which were built in 1990.

The expansion project will include demolishing and rebuilding the existing gas stations. They will also double the site’s footprint. The submitted site plan shows that there would be two full access points. A new point will be opened at Schipkowski and the other one on Route 143. The existing convenience stores, pump islands, and tank fields will be paved over and removed. The facilities will also be expanded.

The new Midwest Petroleum facility would include a new 5487 square foot convenience store, a new tank field, and eight fuel pumps. The store will be at the northern end of the newly expanded site. The expansion is expected to cost at least $3.5 million.

A 10-foot concrete sidewalk will be included in the store, and it will also have a five-foot walkway in front. A total of 25 parking spots will be at the store on three sides of the building. Two of the parking spots will be handicapped accessible and in front of the store. A new trash enclosure and a loading zone would complete the rear of the new building.

Another option is a two-lane car wash. The project is located within the I-55 Corridor District. It needs to comply with the Mixed-Use Commercial district regulations of the Development Plan.

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