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Mayflower Wind to Double Wind Power in the Pipeline

The revelation that Mayflower Wind had been awarded a 400 megawatt power purchase agreement to create an offshore wind farm 20 miles south of Nantucket brought some good news to the Fall River area on Friday afternoon. In October 2019, the Boston-based wind developer — which is part of a joint venture between Shell Oil Company and European offshore wind developer Ocean Winds — was awarded an 804 megawatt purchase deal.

According to the corporation, the first 804 megawatts of the 1,204 megawatt total will be delivered by the mid-2020s, with the capacity to power half a million homes and businesses with sustainable energy. Vineyard Wind LLC, Mayflower’s opponent, received the lion’s share of the 1,600 megawatt bid, with 1,200 megawatts. Vineyard Wind began building on its own 800-megawatt wind turbine project on the same government-owned offshore land last month.

The electricity will be transported from the offshore wind farm to the former Brayton Point Power Station in Somerset, where it will connect to a convertor station, which will then connect to a local National Grid substation via an underground cable. In Falmouth, the corporation will also use an interconnection point. Mayflower Wind had previously said that at least 360 full-time jobs will be created in Fall River.

All of those positions will be based at the Borden & Remington Corporation, which is located on Water Street on the Taunton River’s banks. Some will work in offices and warehouses, but the majority will be Mayflower Wind personnel who will go back and forth to the lease area, where enormous wind turbine blades will spin and generate electricity for the power system.

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