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Kerry’s Visit to India Re-Affirms Clean Energy Partnership

The United States and India are collaborating efforts over mutual goals associated with clean energy. The realigned partnership will see John Kerry’s, President’s Special Envoy, overseeing two major establishments. Under Kerry’s supervision, Climate Action and Finance Mobilisation Dialogue will launch during his two-day visit to India.

The project started on Sunday was launched last week. The launched Strategic Clean Energy Partnership (SCEP) falls under the collaborative climate effort of the two countries. The U.S.-India Climate and Clean Energy Agenda 2030 Partnership expects SCEP to be a smaller part of the bigger mission. President of the U.S. and India’s Prime Minister mutually officiated the 2030 partnership agenda during the April 2021 Leaders Summit on Climate.

The partnership had focused on different elements of the oil and gas sector when the efforts of Donald Trump led it. The Trump administration had primarily decided to focus on shale exploration and Liquified Natural Gas deals. However, President Joe Biden has different plans. As of now, the realigned strategic partnership between India and U.S will largely focus on clean energy. This will include biofuels, hydrogen, and renewables.

The two countries strengthened their plans to intensify efforts in utilizing the benefits of advanced American technologies and the rapidly growing energy market of India. The U.S.-India SEP launched nearly three years ago in April 2018, with its four technical pillars set up in January 2019. Power & Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Responsible Oil & Gas, and Sustainable Growth were the four pillars originally established.

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