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Italgas the World Largest User of Picarro Natural Gas Asset Management

Picarro Inc. is the industry leader in analytics-driven leak detection and methane emissions quantification solutions. The company announced that Italgas, the largest Italian gas distributor and third-largest in Europe, is adding to its fleet of Picarro equipped cars. Apart from the additional vehicles, Italgas plans to have a fleet of 20 cars and 84 Picarro Backpack leak detection units.

Italgas will become the largest consolidated user of the Picarro Natural Gas Asset Management Solution. This large fleet will help the company to improve the productivity of their leak survey program, enhance their analytical capabilities and position them according to the worldwide leader in the industry.

Picarro and Italgas started working together in 2017. Picarro worked as a service provider and a trusted technology partner. Italgas has used the Asset management solution to conduct compliance and emissions quantification. The collected data was utilized for advanced asset management of its entire 73,000-kilometer network.

Due to this, the company has been able to reduce the alerts significantly exceeding the regulatory expectations. Since 2019, it had been one of the first DSO in Europe to measure the emissions of their network. In 2021, Italgas will be able to further mitigate their emissions and execute an optimized pipeline replacement plan according to the data and analysis performed with the Picarro technology.

CEO of Italgas, Paolo Gallo, said, “Italgas is always committed to reducing environmental impact of its activities and improving further safety through efficient management of the gas delivery infrastructure, processes and services. By providing expert services, highly accurate gas analyzers, and powerful predictive analysis capabilities, Picarro has been instrumental in further improving the effectiveness of our verification activities, enabling us meet our goals and give a concrete answer to the European Commission’s recommendations regarding the mitigation of climate-changing emissions.”

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