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Impact of Solar Power in Kentucky Discussed by Lawmakers

Solar Power could thrive in a state that was previously known for coal. Kentucky lawmakers discussed the impact solar energy is having around the state on Wednesday afternoon. According to a research recently released by the US Department of Energy, solar energy has the potential to supply up to 40% of the nation’s electricity within 15 years. Solar companies are already constructing in Kentucky, with at least 28 projects currently under construction.

Kenya Stump, executive director of the Office of Energy Policy, said that the prices have declined due to the coal and natural gas resources of their company. Solar projects, according to industry experts, might create jobs. However, some people are concerned that the facilities will devastate countryside. “We don’t want to lose our farmland that we need for food production to something that might not be beneficial to the most of us,” said Julie Burton with Citizens Voice of Mason County.

Others argue that the amenities will lower property values and hinder tourism in the area. People also discussed the necessity for tighter regulation and the decommissioning of solar farms that are no longer in use. Lawmakers said they will continue to engage with business experts and community members to figure out how solar energy can best serve Kentucky. “Frankly people don’t travel to look at solar panels. I would question whether this would impact things ranging from the Kentucky Bourbon Trail,” said Will Mayer with Clark Coalition. According to Mark Walter, the entire Kentucky State is developed by Solar Power.

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