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Gas & Heat Prices to Escalate by 30% this Winter

While Americans lead their mundane routine of doing laundry, cooking and consuming electricity while at home during the pandemic, they can expect a rather undesired change. Utility prices are anticipated to soar over the Winter.

Among the many inhabitants, Ken Gurney from New York said that his family has focused on energy conservation ever since the pandemic spiked up their utility bill. Whilst the residents work towards consuming less electricity, it is not expected to bring a drastically positive outcome. This is because the costs of gas and heat, a primary need during the Winter season to keep homes warm is going to scale up the bills anyway.

According to the National Energy assistance Directors Association, Americans may witness a surge by 30% in the gas bill this Winter. Striding through 2021, the utility prices do not seem to show any signs of alleviating, stated executive director Mark Wolfe.

The Natural Gas Association also stated that while there are no signs of shortage, natural gas prices are relatively higher with the ongoing economic recovery. Soaring natural gas demand coupled with the comparatively slower production are only going push the market prices further ahead. The Gurney family paid approximately $2,300 through January to March last Winter to keep their home warm. That reflects that the bill may be added up by $700 totaling to $3,000 during the same time period. As a result, homeowners are reconsidering the energy saving strategies to control the spending.

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