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Fuel Shortage in Gas Station in Virginia

Gas Buddy, a company that operates apps and websites based on finding real-time fuel prices said that  53% of the Gas Station in Virginia are out of gasoline. This report was updated in Gas Buddy’s Twitter account at on May 12.

Ralph Northam, Governor declared a State of Emergency due to the potential of shortages at the Gas Station caused by distribution issues on Tuesday. The nation’s largest fuel pipeline restarted operations which is days after it was forced to shut down by a gang of hackers.

The disturbance caused long lines at Gas Station in the Southeast due to distribution crises and panic-buying, soaking supplies at thousands of stations. Colonial commenced the opening of the pipeline operations late Wednesday, saying in a statement that all lines which include those lateral lines that have been running manually, will return to regular operations. The company said that It will take many days for deliveries to return to normal.

Johanna Marland said that people kept driving in search of gas stations on their way home and there were long queues everywhere. Some folks even traveled to the big city searching for fuel. Robert Main said that About 7.6 to 8% of the filling stations in Virginia lack fuel. That’s a very manageable crisis if people would stay calm and not panic.

Morgan Dean, Spokesperson for AAA Mid-Atlantic said that while waiting to return to normalcy, people can conserve gas by removing bulky items from their vehicles, minimize the use of air conditioning, and, if you own more than one car, use the most fuel-efficient model. Yesterday was worse and today is even worse.

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