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FirstEnergy’s Transparency Plan Clashes its Actions

FirstEnergy’s, Energy Harbor, and others who may have played the roles in the alleged conspiracy that funneled millions of dollars to former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder have not completely disclosed things yet. The conspiracy was an attempt to elect lawmakers sympathetic towards House Bill 6 to pass the law and then prevent voters from having a chance at rejecting the law in a statewide referendum.

President and CEO of FirstEnergy’s, Steven Strah, said, “the company is now deeply committed to creating a culture in which … our leaders prioritize and encourage open and transparent communications with all of our stakeholders.” Last October, Strah became acting CEO and was formally appointed on the position on March 8th.

Strah replaced Chuck Jones who was fired for violating “certain FirstEnergy’s policies and its code of conduct.” Still, there continues to be a clash between the stated commitment and what the company has disclosed as actuals. Particularly speaking, the company has not yet provided full details about its various contributions to dark money groups.

The dark money funneled money to the Republican Governors Association, Generation Now, campaigns for Gov. Mike DeWine and his daughter. The company has not yet provided a copy of a purported agreement made with the entity linked to former Public Utilities Commission Chair Sam Randazzo. The stated purpose of ending the agreement was a $4 million payment.

The company said during its Feb 2021 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, “FirstEnergy’s believes that payments under the consulting agreement may have been for purposes other than those represented within the consulting agreement.”

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