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Enemies of the United States are Capable of Bringing the Country’s Electrical Grid to a Halt-Jennifer Granholm 

On Sunday, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm stated that US foes are capable of shutting down the country’s Electrical Grid, claiming that such hacks occur “all the time.”Granholm warned of the system’s flaws, citing the rise in ransomware attacks, according to the report When asked if foreign actors had the potential to bring the Electrical Grid to a halt, Granholm replied, “Yes, they do.”

“Even as we speak, there are extremely nasty individuals attempting,” she continued. “Thousands of attacks have been launched against the energy industry and the private sector in general.”It happens all the time,” Granholm remarked. This is why both the private and governmental sectors must collaborate.

Former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm praised Biden’s administration’s efforts to tackle cyberattacks.The simple conclusion is that we all need to step up our game in terms of cyber defenses,” Granholm stated.Whether you’re in the business sector, the governmental sector or whatever, funding ransomware attacks simply encourages the bad guys.

And, according to Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, military force is a possibility in the battle against cybercrime. On ABC’s “This Week,” Raimondo was questioned if the US should be more active in combating ransomware assaults that seemed to originate mostly in Russia.We will not stand for a nation supporting or turning a blind eye to a criminal organization, Raimondo told host George Stephanopoulos.And, as the president has stated, we are reviewing all of our options and are not ruling out anything as we contemplate any ramifications, penalties, or retaliation.

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