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Doubling of Tellurian Stocks has Raised Questions

For the past two or three years, Tellurian has consistently been one of the most intriguing firms to follow. What exactly is Tellurian? It’s a new company. Let’s begin with that. This is a start-up, a business with some operations, but they’re small and surely not enough to cover its costs. This firm is attempting to establish a liquefaction and export facility for natural gas in Louisiana. Here’s the concept: Diamondback and I discussed coming out of the Permian Basin earlier.

Natural gas is abundant. A large portion of that gas is referred to as stranded gas. There isn’t the infrastructure in place to remove it and transport it into pipes for usage. There isn’t enough output to justify the cost of constructing the enormous infrastructure that is typical of gas pipelines. Tellurian is attempting to bridge that gap by gaining access to a large amount of low-cost gas and bringing it in to cut its production costs while simultaneously meeting the world’s pressing energy needs.

The central fact is that as the global middle-class expands, we’ll need a lot more energy. We’re looking at roughly a billion more individuals in the global middle-class over the next decade, and the global population will grow by about a billion people. Natural gas has a much lower profile in terms of particulars. These mosquitos are right in my face, and I got her.

It’s the girls who bite you, anyhow, natural gas has a much lower profile in terms of particulates and carbon impact than coal. Preferable to utilizing fuel oil to generate energy. There is a great deal of interest. Many individuals are also unaware that it is a crucial feedstock for chemical manufacture. It’s a vital fertilizer feedstock.

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