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Crypto Mining Company Starts Large Solar Project

One of the largest solar projects in the United States, the Basin Creek Solar Project, is being planned by a crypto mining corporation that wants to make its solar power debut in Montana. Madison River Equity LLC has proposed a Solar Projectt on 1,600 acres in Montana. However, unlike other renewable energy projects, which are generally welcomed, this one sees some opposition.

To begin with, the scale is mind-boggling. It may seem strange that the 300MW solar project will power more than 40,000 households when the county’s population is only around 14,000 people. It may also appear weird since the 300MW project more than doubles the state’s current solar capacity of 117MW. It’s worth noting, though, that Madison River Equity is a subsidiary of FX Solutions, which also runs Atlas Power, a crypto mining company.

Atlas also has big cryptocurrency plans, which would require the miner to install eight more buildings to its current operations. Atlas Power intends to buy the Solar Project after it is completed and use it to power its mining activities, which will require 75MW of power. Atlas previously mined bitcoin but is now considering mining ethereum to avoid using power-hungry ASIC computers. Atlas hopes to use the solar array to pull all of its operations and sell the excess—which will be significant.

The component of crypto mining is the portion that the local community appears to have a problem. To begin with, residents are already at odds with the cryptocurrency miner due to the loud fans. The miner is now talking about constructing a behemoth of a solar plant to mine bitcoin rather than replacing more energy-intensive power sources. Locals aren’t convinced that giving up their vistas, which the 12-foot array would obstruct, is worth it.

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