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Crude Risk Sentiment Indicator Launched by QuantCube

QuantCube Technology, a provider of alternative data, has released the  Crude Oil Risk Sentiment Indicator. has built the most comprehensive real-time indicator for crude oil by analyzing sentiment data in Arabic and English. The Crude Oil Risk Sentiment Indicator reliably captures short-term risks in the market by combining social media analytics in Arabic and English with  proprietary Natural Language Processing algorithms and a specialized dictionary customized for the crude oil market.

It analyses various factors that influence crude oil prices in real-time, such as OPEC meetings, output, and stockpiles. As a result, the indicator can reveal information many hours before traditional news agencies, giving commodity traders and hedge funds a competitive advantage. “Our Crude Oil Risk Sentiment Indicator is a must-have for clients interested in commodities such as crude oil and is used to derive short term investment signals,” says Thanh-Long Huynh, CEO of QuantCube.

QuantCube international and commodity trade indices powered by AIS shipping data, the Crude Oil Risk Sentiment Indicator, gives commodities and energy futures traders real-time insights on the supply side. When combined with Macroeconomic Intelligence Platform, which includes real-time macro variable indices for GDP, Consumption, Inflation, and Employment, the indicator allows users to examine overall demand trends and forecast economic and trade trends.

The QuantCube Crude Oil Risk Sentiment Indicator is updated every day and is calculated over 24 hours. The indicator ranges from 0 to 100 and gives data on the current social media risk perception of the crude oil market. When looking at data over 2-6 days, investment signals can be drawn from the absolute level and the short-term acceleration. For example, readings above 65 are considered extremely high, whereas readings below 35 are considered extremely low. When the risk level is high, prices are likely to fall.

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