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Cheniere Energy Inc. to Collaborate with Natural Gas Producers 

Cheniere is all set to measure carbon emissions from its suppliers and producers. The information on the carbon emissions will be given to the customers.The LNG customers are asking for information regarding greenhouse gas emissions. The customers have asked for the information to bring down carbon footprint.

Many LNG producers for their LNG projects have proposed adding Carbon capture to capture the emitted carbon and seal it to the storage site .Cheniere is the U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporter, has signed agreements with major natural gas producers. Also, agreements have been made with educational institutions. The educational institutions will quantify, monitor, report, and verify greenhouse emissions.

This initiative by the Cheniere aims to improve the understanding of how LNG contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and brings advancements in the monitoring technologies. The company has planned to provide cargo emission tags to its buyers from the start of 2022.Consumers are getting increasingly aware the greenhouse gas emissions and committed to environmental targets.

LNG cargo to Royal Dutch Shell Plc has received Cheniere first carbon-neutral. According to Cheniere, to establish baseline emission levels, the company will be using ground-based, air, satellite monitoring technologies.LNG producers like Pioneer Natural Resources Co, EQT Corp, Ascent Resources, Aethon Energy have collaborated for an emission monitoring program.Collaboration with the natural gas suppliers and producer is crucial to Cheniere for quantifying and boosting environmental performance.

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