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Chemical prints for illegal fishing and seafood fraud

Supermarkets are invaded with fake and highly processed foods.The supermarkets are flooded with the invasion of fake food and food fraud. This type of fraud not only harms the human health but also threatens the food industry and sustainable production of food. Among food fraud, seafood is the most commonly traded food in the entire world that opens the door for the food fraud.

Latest study shows a contemporary approach to the origin of these sea species. By identifying the origin of the sea species, we can find the origin of food frauds and also empower people to avoid it. seafood fraud means selling the wild-caught seafood which is illegal and unregulated. It can have a drastic impact on our water bodies.

Illegally catching fishes cause overfishing. It damages the coral reels, marine wildlife through bombing or cyanide fishing. All this is connected to the seafood fraud because fishermen use illegal products that are washed up through the legal supply chains. Illegal fisheries can affect the human in the worst way possible. It can affect the lives of fishermen who follows the laws religiously.

This way of fraud can affect our food security and also abuse our human rights such as piracy. These could be prevented by using chemical fingerprints usually present is shells and bones of the seafood we eat. Focussing on the chemical prints across the marine animals can help avoid seafood fraud. These marks reflect the origin of the sea animal’s environment and we can identify from where it has come.

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