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Biden’s Vision to Expand Power Lines

The country is facing quite a rare situation regarding how energy must be delivered to electric cars, businesses, and homes – choices that could build the course of climate change and decide how the nation copes with heatwaves, wildfires, and other extreme weather allied with global warming.

On the other hand, huge electric utilities and President Biden plans on building developing thousands of miles of Power lines in order to shift to electricity generated by distant solar farms and wind turbines to suburbs and cities. On the other, some community groups and environmental organizations are pushing for higher investment in local wind turbines, batteries, and rooftop solar panels.

There is a forceful policy struggle happening in state capitals and Washington regarding the choices that the individuals, energy businesses, and lawmakers make in coming years that could lock in an energy system that could stay for decades. The split between those who need more Power lines and the ones asking for a more distributed energy system has divided the environmental movement and the renewable energy industry. And the movement has also given rise to partnerships of convenience among home groups fighting Power lines and fossil fuel companies.

At this time, the main problem is how fast the country can shift to cleaner energy and how much the charges will increase. The president has opened USD73 billion for thousands of miles of new Power lines in the latest infrastructure plan. Mr. Biden and both parties’ senators have settled on it in June 2021.

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