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Baker Hughes Announces New Technology to Monitor Oil Conditions

The American multinational company Baker Hughes and Shell, the Dutch-British multinational oil and gas company, Shell have introduced a Technology embedded with the industrial internet of things and artificial intelligence that will monitor the oil conditions in the oil storage facilities.

Shell has introduced the oil condition monitoring system called VitalyX. The VitalyX is developed by Bently Nevada and Shell Remote Sense. The Shell Remote Sense and Bently Nevada is owned by Baker Hughes.

VitalyX incorporates an advanced analytics system that can monitor the condition of the oil and provides machine health service for the marine sector. The new monitoring system is combined with Shell’s Remote Sense lubricant analysis. This will allow the companies to receive an early warning system about the health of the oil and its quality. VitalyX will monitor the health of the oil and quality and will increase the machine uptime.

The deployment of artificial intelligence and the industrial internet of things is an important step of Shell and Baker Hughes towards modernization and advanced Technology integration for better output and benefits. According to reports, the is said to utilize real-time sensor data and machine learning expertise.This will allow the oil businesses to make swift decisions, prevent further loss. Interestingly, the Technology has low maintenance costs and has higher operational efficiency. The marine vessels are said to offer greater benefits of installing the new Technology. VitalyX will be integrated into oil vessel systems for oil health monitoring.

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