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Posts published by “Lucie Benn”

Highly knowledgeable in her field, Lucie D. Benn is the sub-editor at Chemicals News and boasts of a post-doctoral degree in chemistry. Before joining the editorial team of Chemicals News, Lucie has an elaborate career history as a science writer and was also directly associated with various international news channels as an R&D expert. However, her love for science and dexterity in expressive writing is unparalleled, which explains her current job role. Her expertise in editing is well reflected in her dedicated work style. An adept in the practices of professionalism, time-based delivery, and team management role, Lucie is a perfect fit in our organization. Besides her regular job as a sub-editor at Chemicals News, she also organizes various engagement programs in the office to develop the highest standards of teamwork, collaboration, and knowledge exchange that render improved output and productivity.